AMBOSS Access Scholarships for #MoreViralThanTheVirus Joint Statement 
Valuing solidarity and collaboration, the MoreViralThanTheVirus global COVID Youth Movement and AMBOSS, is committed to improving global health and promoting more equity and accessibility to medical knowledge and education.  As an extensive medical knowledge resource, it aims to serve both those pursuing medicine and those already in the field. 
As a result of the ongoing pandemic, medical universities continue to face significant challenges in providing supportive learning environments, and medical students must overcome a new array of uncertainties. As part of its response to COVID-19, AMBOSS has established a Global Education Fund that provides $2 million worth of AMBOSS access packages to students who need additional resource support. 
This fund is made available through the AMBOSS Access Scholarship Program, for which we invite all students who are part of the #MoreViralThanTheVirus movement to apply. We believe our mission and the mission of #MoreViralThanTheVirus are fully aligned: access to essential medical knowledge ensures not only the ability to provide the best possible care, but also empowers young leaders in the medical field to shape the dialogues around public health and global health.
Apply for an AMBOSS Scholarship today and mention #MoreViralThanTheVirus in your application for special consideration using the link
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