#MOREVIRALTHANTHEVIRUS, a Global COVID Youth Movement and an International COVID-19 Initiative started by medical students, represented by youths in over 100 different countries. This campaign was founded by Ian Soh, alongside Co-founders, Aaron Goh and Klaus Tan on 22 March 2020. The campaign went live on 26 March 2020, bringing together a message that was translated into various languages, by medical students from 27 different countries. We have been featured by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Medical Associations as well as local presses of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Argentina, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa.
As we are only students, we are unable to treat any COVID-19 patients. 
However, we believe that we have a responsibility to educate the public on the key messages from the WHO and correct misinformation. We aim to achieve this by empowering Youths and Young adults from different nationalities and backgrounds with a voice of their own. 
May #MOREVIRALTHANTHEVIRUS be a symbol of hope for everyone. Our movement has shown that even in one of the greatest healthcare crisis of all time, with many countries going into Lockdown. We are still able to unite Youths globally in our Movement. This instills hope during and beyond this COVID-19 Pandemic crisis.
Only together, can we make a difference during this COVID-19 crisis.
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