Empowering Youths with a voice to initiate conversations, inspire creative solutions, build supportive networks, and work on one initiative at a time with the intention of virality.
1. Educating the world with relevant evidenced-based content.
2. Being ahead of the game for COVID-19 and future pandemics.
3. Shaping and sharpening minds, preventing misinformation.
1. We exist as a platform for passionate young leaders to educate the world about public health issues of global significance.
2. In the chaos and noise of COVID-19, we stand out from the crowd, bringing a unique voice to the world.
3. We provide relevant content that seeks to engage, educate, and empower.
4. We empower young adults to be advocates for public health in their communities.
5. We are beautiful in our diversity. Our international cooperation reflects our ideals for a world that stands united, rather than divided.
Ethos and Guidelines
1. I want to help in this COVID-19 pandemic.
2. I will be committed and contribute with constructive ideas, criticism and feedback to the team.
3. I will not discriminate, cause harassment in any way, shape or form. I am aware that we have a zero tolerance for bullying. This would be limited to inclusivity from participation in international campaigns from members from WHO approved member states only.
4. I will be honest and accountable for my actions as well as comments made on social media.
5. I will be responsible for my work and the welfare of my team, if i am appointed a position or enrolled into a committee.
6. I aim to strive for accuracy, clarity and quality. I would also make clear of my limitations if need be, before embarking on my work.
7. I give my support to the international and local efforts and will protect the name of the movement.
8. All my ideas and work belongs to this movement and would be acknowledged accordingly.
9. I will refrain from sharing intellectual property to other parties, if i were to leave the movement in future.
10. I will try and prevent any form of miscommunications and be sure to keep my superiors in the loop.
11. I am aware that failure to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines would result in consequences and probable suspension. 
Updated: 8 October 2020
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